2011 – 2017 Harvest Harvest magazine is a new title for a long-time client. Designed for remote missionaries in the Asia-Pacific, their families, the new generation of 'wannabe' missionaries and parishoners across the Asia-Pacific-US, its the hub for these communities to connect, and to exchange stories and critical information. 

Scope: look & feel for title in print, mobile, web and eMailout, identity design, pitch & position presentation, crowd-funding website, direction for collateral



2015 Airline magazine concepts

This airline magazine concept was exciting and fun: it had a complex brief and a very tight timeframe -- it must work with the brand values across six titles. From the high-end business traveller and the chilled-out tourist to the highly lucrative cargo business. A classic finish, with asian influences, seamless styles and grids, and the most beautiful imagery took these concepts to the final stages of a highly competitive pitch. 



2014 JFMProductions A powerful player in the TV industry, JFMProductions is proudly ever present at the best live TV productions, but for security reasons, is not keen to advertise the content of the trucks. The truck livery strategy was Inspired by an idol. It sets the tone for the rest of the JFM livery. 

Scope: identity design, livery for trucks & business cards, email signature & invoice, screen logo, pitch & positioning presentation




2015 Ann Ronay Interior Design Raw, tactile finishes and geometric grids are signature to Ann's work. In 2013, we used foil letterpress for her highly tactile business card, inspired by the exposed metallic electricity conduits for the custom light fittings in Cipro Pizzeria. The edges of the card are coloured silver, copper, neon yellow, or whatever colour suits her meeting, and is done using a felt tip pen. Ann uses a simplified version of the 'A' for her email signature -- she loves how the hues can change according to her contact. 

Finding preparation for meetings and communication difficult and stressful, Ann needed direction for her communication material. With disciplined grids and understanding of simple layout techniques the process has become efficient and simple, now focus can be on the concept and detailing. 

Scope: identity development, email signature & invoice, proposal document, presentation format



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